Website Design and Development

Your business webpage will be your introduction to many people in your audience. Along with making a great impression, you want your site to provide visitors with quality information about your services and products. You also want to keep them engaged with an attractive and interactive design.

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Business Consulting

There are many layers to running a business. You have the big-picture considerations – your brand, message and product – as well as the nuts and bolts – how you spend time, allocate resources, develop your product, reach your market. You can increase your chances of thriving by taking advantage of business consultation.

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Corporate Identity

How do customers think and feel about your business? The answer to this question defines your corporate identity. With the right tools, your corporate identity is in your control. Start Wight Now has a team of expert marketers, web developers and graphic designers that work together with clients to brainstorm, craft and maintain a positive corporate identity.

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While having a clear message and professionally-written content for your website is important, it’s also important to understand that the marketing world is becoming increasingly more visual. Having beautiful images to capture your business, brand and product will capture the attention of current and potential customers.

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Mobile App Development

Usher your business into the technological age with mobile app development. At Start Wright Now, we can work with you to brainstorm and develop an app that customers find easy to use, enjoyable and informative.

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Video Production

Video is one of the most effective ways to communicate and illustrate an idea. We offer full video production services to help your business showcase your services / products and reach new markets effectively.

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  Content Strategy


Press Releases

Press Releases are one way your company can increase its online visibility. Our team of professional writers will create a search engine optimized press release to improve your credibility and attract potential consumers. Your press release will be visible on over 10,000 news outlets.


Mobile Website

A mobile website is no longer a luxury, its an absolute necessity.  90% of all cell phone owners have a smart phone and use it as  their primary source for internet access.  We design a user friendly mobile website that allows consumers to connect with you while on the go.



Blog Design

Blogs are an effective way to connect with consumers and educate them about the dynamic functions of your services or product.  Our team of writers are versatile and equipped to write on a large variety of niches and subject areas. Blogs can help you increase traffic and revenue.



 Reputation Management

Our reputation management tools will track your online visibility to ensure you maintain a positive image. Reputation management allows you to respond to negative reviews immediately and can assist you in removing them.   





Internet Marketing Strategies


Social Media Marketing

Social media is the exchange of thoughts, ideas and information within online communities. The web is full of sites where people get together and communicate.

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Email Marketing

Email is one of the best ways to reach as many current and potential customers as possible, and email marketing services are here to make this as easy as possible.

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Why is online presence so important? The internet allows you to reach an ever-increasing audience with great speed, affordability and ease.  

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What Are Our Client Saying?

Start Wright Now is the best Long Island SEO firm out there. They really care and take the time to walk you through all the steps. I really love their unique approach to small business web development.

-Liz  -

We have one word that sums up  Start Wright Now, “SIMPLE”.  We have in business since 1976 way before the computer revolution.  Needless to say we feel like Dinosaurs.  The patience and guide that we got from  the staff of  Start Wright Now was right on the money.

- Tim Magnus  -

Start Wright Now Web development are life savers.  They were able to get my site up and running in a week. They were very knowledgeable, patient and relentless about completing our project in a timely manner.  The business development side to Start Wright now is a added bonus.  Just what  small business need right now.

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